Staff Resiliency & Growth Program STRENGTH Workplace Program

Making your workplace resilient

When times get tough, resilient people keep going. Developing resilience throughout your entire workforce is the best way to combat stress & mental-health issues within your staff.

STRENGTH Workplace is a program with training+. It can teach every staff member how to build personal resiliency (and banish the roadblocks along the way), plus it embeds an ongoing peer-supported culture of resiliency.

From small companies to large corporations, STRENGTH helps your staff face stresses and challenges effectively, and keep that momentum up, long after the training is completed. It’s a quick intervention, with lasting results.

STRENGTH gives you a complete package covering distress prevention, resiliency training with built-in ongoing support plus important lifestyle coaching and a “ready when needed” crisis debriefing.

Making your workplace resilient

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Let’s build a resilient workforce!


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Reviews of STRENGTH product

Particularly during the pandemic, STRENGTH was a resource that was readily used by myself and my department to support each other and themselves during a time of exceptional stress. I believe the results were positive, and brought my team closer together.

I think STRENGTH is relevant to all aspects of daily life, and is definitely applicable to work life, where we often have the least amount of control over the circumstances we are dealing with.

The training was interactive and easy to understand.

I believe that the approach has been a good reminder for me of how to remain resilient in a challenging environment.

I find it helpful to remember in an environment where it may not feel like I have much control, I do have a choice over how I frame things and how I think about them.

STRENGTH has been beneficial for both my personal and collective work experience. When practicing STRENGTH regularly, I have noticed increased productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

The quality of my in-person training experience was fantastic.

As a STRENGTH Champion, I find the flexibly and simplicity of the program most helpful. This allows STRENGTH to be applied easily and broadly to various challenges within our workplace.

STRENGTH has reduced my stress, both in the workplace and in my personal life.

Let’s build a resilient workforce!


Reviews of STRENGTH product

I believe there is potential for STRENGTH to hold a place of great value within my workplace.

It provides the opportunity to engage in the material in large or small groups, and is portable for impromptu sessions with colleagues when discussing stressors or workday challenges.

The STRENGTH program is very easy to understand. The booklets provide a guided breakdown of each category and how to handle emotions brought on by stressful workplace environments and experiences.

The quality of my training experience with the STRENGTH program was excellent… and discussed all required topics for successful independent implementation.

STRENGTH has been an effective component of my personal and collective work experience. I have utilized the model personally when dealing with challenging situations/emotions and have guided my colleagues through the STRENGTH process to challenge their thinking and bring about positive changes in the workplace.

The skills taught in STRENGTH have been relevant to my daily work life. It has brought about a change in my thinking and typically resolves issues I experience without stress or the heightening of my emotions. … STRENGTH program has been beneficial in my everyday workplace life.

The STRENGTH program has reduced workplace stress for [me] and colleagues.

STRENGTH is a worthwhile addition to other wellness offerings in the workplace. In combination with other available services… the STRENGTH program provides a beautiful compliment to already existing services available for staff members to engage with.